How to Choose the Best Host for your Magento store

For your Magento store hosting, you require to find the perfect host and that is not an easy task. There are a lot of things which you need to know to make sure your Magento site runs fast and is reliable. There are some things you should consider for your online business and getting the best host for Magento store.

Let’s view what those are!

Specialization and Compatibility of Magento

Your life saver will be the web hosting company that is specialized in Magento as they are fully equipped in dealing with all the issues that come up. They are compatible and have the sound expertise of Magento. As Magento is open source that’s why you will not have a specific company to turn to regarding your store’s support unless you happen to be a Magento Enterprise client. So having the specialist web hosts saves you hours of search and tracking a support website.

Bigger in size NOT always better

Opting for the biggest and known web hosts might not always be in your best favor. To get personal attention from your hosting provider it might be quite difficult and expensive from huge companies. We suggest you consider a rather smaller hosting company which provides the more managed approach to hosting services to your Magento store. The best thing you can do is send an email to them and ask all the questions regarding the specific services which you think are required for your store management and then evaluate their response.
Low Price yet, in the Long run, expensive!
There is no doubt that Magento needs a lot of server-side resources to run smoothly. In order to earn profits, you should not have to break the bank! You have to choose a medium cost, optimized speed and support provider. It costs a bit more for quality but it pays off with a fast loading web page response. So you will be enabled to solve the issues swiftly if they arise.

Proactive Maintenance, Dedicated Support and Security

In the hosting industry being proactive is quite of significance. In terms of a quality Magento host, you should look for hosting providers who apply the following things proactively:
– Magento security patches as soon as they are released
– Approaches for moments when the site does not load correctly and ensure your website is free from all sorts of page errors
– Analysis of your store to enhance performance
– On time support for PCI issues like payment gateway configurations etc.

Final Thoughts

At times hosting services are viewed as being a commodity and the last thing to think about while planning things for Magento store. We believe this to be the wrong approach and a proper Magento hosting provider can fully handle your store’s issues. They can provide you with specific advice and help when needed. You should do a thorough research while selecting your hosting company if you want a successful online Magento store business.
We look forward to your insights, so feel free to drop a comment and let us know about which things you consider before choosing you’re the host for your Magento store :)

Maria Binte Saeed

Maria Binte Saeed

Technical Content Writer at Arpatech
Maria is a Technical Content Writer at Arpatech. She loves to stay up to date with the latest technological trends and working in Information Technology field. She has a keen passion for reading and blogging. You can follow her on Twitter @binte_saeed or e.mail maria.saeed[at]
Maria Binte Saeed

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