Top 11 cloud computing trends 2016

IT industries insiders have conducted researches to reveal the trends which will dominate the cloud market for the year 2016. In today’s digital age the cloud models and technologies have acquired a place as one of the essential disruptors. Over the span of the few past years, the cloud market has matured a lot. This rapid growth trend reveals that there are many more opportunities for cloud technologies in 2016. As the year is approaching its end the insiders predict what 2016 has in store for the cloud.

1.Data Grabbing land

The biggest cloud players like Amazon Web services are racing for your data. They want firms all around the globe to transfer their data to their ecosystems. Web platforms like Zendesk, Workday have become the primary targets for these cloud giants. The idea is to build an enterprise Data Lake within the cloud has become evident and it is very attractive since the storage is low priced. The cloud hosting providers attract customers also by giving zero capital expenditure on professionally sound hosting solutions. Those organizations who have moved their data warehouses to the cloud are especially going to be open to this easy path of transferring their untraditional data sources to scalable platforms. This practice may include IoT assets to social media metrics as the company intends to build well-connected analytics view which is ever increasing with the increasing number of their customers and resources.

2.Big Organizations Going Big in Cloud

We are at the tipping point now where cloud technology has passed the perceived perception that it is something only for the startups to utilize. Today big enterprises of all sorts of industrial divisions are moving their entire data infrastructures into the cloud ecosystems. Every company is trying to offer better storage services to their customers with data security and with cloud technologies cost and risk both are being minimized, so it’s like the message on the wall which is impossible to miss.

3.Cloud Analytics provide IT Assistance

IT leaders can rely on the ever so powerful Cloud solution analytics as developments in cloud technologies lead to reducing costs and increasing the capacity of rapid expansion. What is more attractive is the fact that these cloud analytics are on hand 24/7. Hence, the strategies of cloud technology reduce the cost and enable the efficient utilization of resources yet give the power to IT leaders to instantly locate potential costly services and be able to prevent them for budget overruns. Even they can do this with their mobile phones during a meeting as well.

4.Transferring Data to Cloud as Copying and pasting it

Now back in the year 2015 the self-services of data integration and preparing data solutions used to be the range but as we stepped into the year 2016 all easy solutions platforms of cloud data ecosystems are enabling the organizations inside data and data from your web pages to be transferred like copying and pasting it. Now any individual gets the chance to transfer data swiftly and easily (even without having a tech sound background). Now business owners can drop data into the cloud database warehouses which they prefer in simple methods.

5.The Hybrid Cloud Tactics Becoming Easier

Things are always in the transition phase even for companies who are trying to be in the pictures as all in for cloud adaptation. Issues of hosting, legacy solutions, and compliance problems can result in keeping IT roadmap on the foundation of premises. But organizations are preferring it that way as big cloud hosting providers have started to openly allowing to build practices around the hybrid deployments. And this is validating those players who are providing smaller solutions in the market, this is predicted to definitely encourage the additional competitors in the market. But keep in the notice that this approach of the giants in cloud hosting infrastructure providers is a signal of their confidence regarding the momentum that they have already in their favor.

6.IT as Innovation Brokers Roleplay

The cloud adaptation as reaches the peaks, it is shifting IT leaders’ role from people who fix systems to innovative brokers, the IT experts who develop latest tools for products and help enterprises to formulate proactive policies which make use of the cloud services.

7.Access Security Broker of Cloud Market getting Hotter

One of the hottest market that emerged in enterprise IT is the “The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)” and according to records it earned nearly $1 billion in M&A activity in the latter half of the year 2015 alone. This is expected to keep growing and evolving throughout 2016.

8.On Demand provided Vendors APIs

Cloud vendors are expected to sell APIs as new revenue streams. The SaaS, PaaS and IaaS vendors will feel the definite pressure to provide the richest sets of APIs which result as enabling security vendors and application vendors to deliver value added services.

9.Emerging Security Standards of Cloud

The year 2016 the urge of a baseline regarding the standards for security in the cloud domain as increasing number of organizations are relying on cloud services.

With an increasing number of organizations relying on cloud services, 2016 will witness the formation of a baseline for security standards in the cloud, enabling even greater migration to the cloud and compelling enterprises to integrate cloud-based services into their IT resources.

10.Flexibility, Agility, and Scale in Data center of Enterprise

Public cloud like low-cost computing infrastructure, unified scaling of applications, and easy integration into development practices have largely been confined to public cloud services like Amazon AWS. A nexus of forces including the maturing of OpenStack implementations, container tools/implementations (such as Mesosphere, Docker, and CoreOS), and software-defined networking will lead to enterprises achieving cloud-like capabilities in-house.

11.In Cloud the Cyberattacks and Data Security Breaches May Become Reality

The International working group on cloud resiliency monitors downtimes and security risks in the cloud, So far no major security breaches or significant availability challenges have affected the cloud. Yet, security challenges are often cited as a reason that enterprises are hesitant to move their computing to the cloud. So far these security concerns have primarily been driven by perception with data center security breaches far exceeding any such events in the cloud. However, as more and more businesses adopt the cloud and a greater share of confidential data and apps are put in the cloud by users, security challenges (DDoS or other cyber attacks), data loss and potential outages can increase.

Final Thought

For cloud computing the year 2016 has been amazing. Cloud experts and IT enterprises seem to have become more and more confident regarding the Cloud Market and over the last 5 years Cloud Computing has grabbed significant amount of market attention. Managed Cloud hosting is one the essential part today of the digital age. In case you are searching for someone reliable then feel free to contact us!

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Maria Binte Saeed

Maria Binte Saeed

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