Top 7 web and mobile development trends 2016

Are you all tech savvy and have an interest in Mobile and web development? Then read on as we explore the new technologies and exciting trends of 2016 which are improving the creation of websites and mobile applications in more than just one way.

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Innovative Advance Platforms

As there are many changes which are happening in the technology market there are plenty of advancements taking place too. The increased advance platforms are ensuring that the responsive design is not restricted to mobile first only or to mobile responsiveness. So with the increasing use of screened devices and integrated gadgets, the trend of using responsive design growing in popularity and its usage is being extended to more than mobile-first websites now.

IDEs Browser Specific

A new advancement in web development is the increase of the usage of cloud-based versions of IDEs by people. Not only do they provide accessibility and faster functionality but also happen to have many large communities backing them. Even though they are not being used all the time, they happen to be a fantastic tool for doing bootstrap code of Jade’s quick tests without having to download a single file.

Navigate to Full-screen

This feature is becoming popular with many mobile users. Full-screen navigation design is created to help improve the overall user experience. This design feature works by enabling the user to experience a full screen when using certain areas of a website like the registration form. The form will change to full screen so the user can fill the form out in a natural way. This trend is set to continue as more and more web developers are creating websites which are full-screen navigation design supported.

Increased Usage of Flexbox

Flexbox is other trend which is getting widespread acknowledgement this year. It is an advanced CSS property that is designed for providing an efficient way for aligning and laying out the design of a webpage. This new advancement is believed to enable designers in building large grid systems without having to face the issue of width percentages, CSS floats, or the need for jQuery and JavaScript.

Everything in Real Time

Through 2016, web development has seen the rise of new and improved apps which will work in real time. Many developers are rapidly finding and implementing real-time analytics in both mobile and desktop apps. Live streaming is also becoming an increasingly popular trend for social media marketing. With advancements in real-time analytics, it’s definitely one to watch.

The Stop Of Ad Blocking

All around the globe many websites lose money from advertisement blocking plugins. However, with new advancements, these websites are set to get the last laugh as new technology is emerging to help fight back against these plugins. This new technology is said to neglect the effect of plugins which block ads. In doing this, websites are also said to start finding new ways to interest their customers by creating more interesting and diverse ads.

Increase in Security for Mobiles

Right around the world mobile phones are becoming the main tool for many users to complete key day to day activities such as banking. Unfortunately, there are many people who have had security breaches while using their mobile. This is because there isn’t a sufficient security prevention software that can help. This is set to change with the increase in mobile phone security apps which are said to assist in protecting mobile phone users more efficiently. Being a daily mobile phone user you can watch this space.


Each year new advancements are being done in technology, therefore there is no wonder that there are new top mobile and web developments trends which are making their way in to the market. Their are many different advantages this which web and mobile development trends have this year and with more advancements to come it will be interesting to keep a track of what the future has in store. So share with us which one are you more excited about?


Maria Binte Saeed

Maria Binte Saeed

Technical Content Writer at Arpatech
Maria is a Technical Content Writer at Arpatech. She loves to stay up to date with the latest technological trends and working in Information Technology field. She has a keen passion for reading and blogging. You can follow her on Twitter @binte_saeed or e.mail maria.saeed[at]
Maria Binte Saeed

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